All County Textures is the company for all your interior drywall and texture needs. We go the extra mile in customer service, provide specialized workmanship, using quality materials and secure your property. All for a resonable price. Call today for your FREE proposal on any of the services that we provide.


POPCORN REMOVAL, many people believe that this is an easy home project. In reality it is very messy and can easily damage the underlying drywall. We are experienced in the removal of popcorn texture. We cover walls, furniture and flooring ensuring a mess free project. This is completed in 1 day. 


KNOCK DOWN TEXTURE, may be applied to both ceilings and walls. It is generally applied at the same time popcorn has been removed. We use a truck mounted spray sytem allowing us to bring the hoses into the house. Our experienced technicians will apply a beautifule texture to your ceilings and walls. We will glady spray a sample for you.


SMOOTH FINISH, if a smooth finish is your preference we have the experience to complete your project. Although this is a much more lengthly process and requires sanding, we will secure the area to minimize the mess. this is generally a muti day project. 


DRYWALL REPAIR, REPLACEMENT, INSTALLATION, FINISHING. If help with drywall is what you need we have the expertise to remove it, replace it, install it, finish it, and texture it. The size of the job determines the length of the job. Proposals always include all cost of labor and materials. No surprises. 


PAINTING:    Knock down texture and smooth textures upon completion require painting to be a finished product. We can provide you with a competative painting quote and make arragngements for this to be completed.



While other companies offer free estimates, we give a free consultation on your project with Max our owner. With over 25 years experience he will discuss your project and needs helping you save time and money. There is no middle estimator who may not truly express your needs. He provides a written estimate generally onsite.